Nordic Rune Beer tankard

Nordic Rune Beer tankard

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With this Nordic Rune Beer tankard, you'll be able to drink like a genuine Viking. Perfect for celebrations, holidays, and other occasions!

The inside component of the cup is composed of 100% food-safe Stainless Steel, giving it incredible weight and strength. The exterior mug is crafted of resin that looks like wood. The ultimate product is a weighty, authentic-looking item that is also lovely to drink from.

Take your weapon, I mean the cup

fate made us meet

Between you and me, someone has to fall

Now, fill them up

(Drinking is harmful to health, please drink in moderation. Minors are not allowed to drink!)

Weapon Details (Product Dimensions)

Rune Mage:
Volume: 15.5*8.5*17cm Capacity: 650ml
Honorary Swordsman:
Volume: 15*9.5*13.5cm Capacity: 700ml
Rampage Barbarian
Volume: 17*11*14 cm Capacity: 700ml
Mystic Druid
Volume: 12c* 16*10cm Capacity: 500ml
Shadow Warlock
Volume: 16*10*11cm Capacity: 500ml
Volume: 15*9*11cm Capacity: Undead cannot be spied on

-Stainless steel
-High-quality materials
-We ship worldwide